Kat&Bee Jewellery is Upfront

ABC Brazilian collection has a strong nod to the boldness that is Brazilian culture and art.  The collection plays with colour and is focused on fun and happiness. 

Still keeping the girly but gothic style, AW12 sees Kat&Bee take on a more playful and experimental stage with colour and statement being at the forefront.  Primary colours play a strong part for the fall with a subtle Kat&Bee twist.  

Each design style has a cluster of three pieces all with a different Brazilian influence coming through.  From the flora and fauna, the toucan birds, the vast beaches to the visual art scene we explore Brazilian culture to bring you ABC Brazil.  Starting at A and finishing at K for Kat&Bee.

Each piece has its own Brazilian Portuguese name and meaning that has been carefully thought out to truly represent the design piece.

All lovingly made in the UK.

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