Cereal Killer Café!

by Kat Barry December 10, 2014

Today the highly anticipated Cereal Killer Café opened up its doors on Brick Lane. The UK’s first specialty cereal café boasts over 100 different types of cereal from all over the world as well as 12 different types of milk and 20 toppings. Twins Gary and Alan Keery first came up with idea whilst they were hungover, craving cereal and realised there was nowhere in their Shoreditch area that could cater to their needs.

Every kind of cereal you could ever think of from all over the world is available, from Popping Pebbles to Chinese Oreo O’s cereal. To fulfill the transportation back to childhood, the café is decked out with 80s and 90s memorabilia and vintage TV’s playing old cartoons. Think Barbie and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Dexter’s Laboratory playing in the background.

It’s not just cereal that this café serves. Toast is also available with a range of toppings (strawberry fluff anyone?) and cereal inspired cakes such as Rice Crispie Victoria Sponge and Coco Pop brownies. With bowls costing £2.50 for a small up to £3.50 for a large, it may seem expensive in comparison to buying your own box in the supermarket, but when considering the average price of a decent breakfast out in London and the whole atmosphere and experience, it really is worth it.

This lunchtime I decided I had to check it out, but I didn’t have enough time to wait in the queue trailing back three stores long. However I will be sure to make a successful visit soon. My personal choice would be Reese’s Puffs with chocolate milk and a marshmallow topping, what would yours be?

Kat Barry
Kat Barry


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