Stone Jewellery of the Month: Pearl

by Kat Barry June 06, 2015

For those of you that don't know, I am obsessed with astrology.  I have been since a kid and the intrigue just grows and grows.  Our latest collection - The Finer Collection - incorporates this love and passion.   The meanings, origins and healing properties behind each stone allows you to really create a piece that is more than a ring or a necklace and one that can really resonate with you, your life and your loved ones.  And, you can choose a different birthstones for each month of the year to make it really personal and special.  Each month we will talk to you about it's birthstone with some facts to own and share. 

June birthstone is Pearl.

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The stunning and much coveted June Pearl is associated with the star sign of Cancer.  Whilst adding an exotic touch and feel to jewellery it also enhance the sense of well-being and stability of the wearer.

Seven key and interesting facts about Pearls

1. Pearls have an organic origin.  They're created inside the shells of certain species of oysters and clams.  Often found naturally in mollusks in the sea or rivers.  Today, a lot of pearls are culture- raised in oyster farms to sustain the demand.   

2.  Pearls are made of aragonite, a soft carbonate mineral.

3.  The value of Pearls depends on whether it is natural or cultured - size, shape, colour and luster.

4. The word Pearl has origins in the Latin word ‘Perna’ which means leg; as the shells in which pearls form have a shape similar to a ham or mutton- leg.  And, it's derived from the French ‘Perle’. 

5.  Over the centuries in Europe, Persia and China, pearls have widely been used as medicine treating various issues relating to the stomach, heart and spleen.  It also calms the mind and helps with insanity and mental stability.  And, often said to aid fertility.  

6.  Pearls are often believed to represent Wealth, Power and Longevity, Faith, Truth, Integrity, Trust, Loyal.

7.  Healing properties associated with Pearls: Calming, Centring, Purity, Feminine Energy, Inner Wisdom.  Also to help with heart problems, bleeding, fever, indigestion, aid fertility.

With Kat&Bee's Finer Collection you can choose a gemstone to match your (or a friend's) birthstone or just because...  Why not try adding a Pearl to the Your Two Love Stones Ring  or the fabulous Silver Spiral Ring below.  

Email for any customisations. 


Kat Barry
Kat Barry


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