Jewellery designs for the Sapphire

by Kat Barry September 01, 2015

I am seriously biased with this stone as it is my birthstone.   For me, when I think of a Sapphire it instantly conjures up beautiful images of the bright blue colour, the Royals and wealth and feels like a very opulent and beautiful stone.

September birthstone is Sapphire 

1.  Sapphire has roots in several ancient languages:  the Arabic word Safir, the Latin word Sapphirus meaning blue and the Greek word Sappheiros for the island of Sappherine in the Arabian Seam. Traditionally a favourite stone of priests and kings.

2.  The Sapphire is related to the Ruby. A form of the mineral corundum.  Red corundum is called the ruby and all other gem quality forms of corundum are Sapphires.

3.  The sapphire was once thought to guard against evil and poisoning. The belief was that a venomous snake would die if it was placed in a vessel made of sapphire.

4.  Sapphires are mostly prized from Burma, Kashmir and Sri Lanka but found in many parts of the world. 

5.  the sapphire symbolizes purity and wisdom, joy, peace, creativity, expression, intuition, hope, truth, sincerity, consistancy, clairvoyance, interpretation

6.  Sapphires are the gemstone for 45th wedding anniversaries.

7.  Healing properties include protection protection, hearing problems, cancer, burns, inflammation

Customise one of our Finer Jewellery collection pieces with a Sapphire here:




Kat Barry
Kat Barry


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