Cambodia, jewellery and journeys...

by Kat Barry October 28, 2015

The journey begins...
After over a year of conversations and a 20 hour journey I finally arrive in Cambodia.  The aim of the trip is to work with a group of artisan women in Cambodia to teach them to make a small collection of hair pieces through Kat&George (and designed by me!).  I first found out about Senhoa through one of my lovely stockists - Coldlilies - who invited me to their UK launch in London.  Unfortunately, I couldn't attend but emailed with apologies and wishing them the best of luck with it all.  I LOVE Asia and since having both businesses I have always wanted to work with a social enterprise in some shape or form.
From here, things clicked and after numerous date and decision changes I'm actually here!  What a difference an email or a day can make...
Today is day one and I must admit I'm loving it! A little bit jet lagged and sluggish but that's part of it and nothing that a spot of yoga later and a coconut water (a cliche that I am!) won't sort out!
Senhoa is a truly inspiring foundation set up to help women with have experienced or are at risk of human trafficking and exploitation. The Foundation supports vulnerable persons and survivors of human trafficking through prevention, rehabilitation and advocacy programs.  They provide funding and capacity building through long-lasting partnerships to establish sustainable programs that serve underprivileged women and children.   
Senhoa Jewelry is a holistic social enterprise that works with vulnerable persons and survivors to prepare them for healthy reintegration and sustainable freedom. 
As I know very well (and one of the reasons why I love it) jewellery making is therapeutic and allows you to relax, unwind and be creative - the perfect remedy for all! 
The Senhoa jewellery school is one aspect of the foundation and its rehabilitation programmes so in addition to the jewellery training programme I'm here to find more out about what incredible things the foundation does and has set up.
As with all of Senhoa jewellery, each piece of the Kat&George for Senhoa collection will be individually handcrafted by artisans in Cambodia.  A fair wage, skill and love is what I'm here to help with and get to know more about the background and brilliant work that is done to help women of Cambodia.  As with everything, the more work that is done the more help we can be to more women over here.  Profits go back into the Foundation to help develop and continue all the great work that is being carried out.  
Kat&Bee’s signature style with George Northwood’s instinctive and innovative understanding of hair to create a collection that embodies beauty, love and togetherness.  The collection will be available to buy on and from 23rd November.  
We will also be taking wholesale orders for this collection and and can also work with the team and stockists to create the same (or similar) pieces with different colour ways and stones.  Email me (Kat) on to discuss further.
I look forward to sharing this wonderful journey with you.
Lots of love
Kat x

Kat Barry
Kat Barry


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