April - Intuition

by Kat Barry April 03, 2017

Following on from March’s theme of Bright, April will focused on Intuition.

I recently had a palm reading and one of my key characteristics that came up is that I'm intuitive!   This got me thinking about how I look at life and how I make and stick to decisions and choices.  Delving deeper, he was right!  For most decisions I do go with my intuition (for those that know me well this comes as no surprise!).  And, for the most part, I do seem to have good intuition.  For me, it is a very natural way to live life but for others more rational and reasoning is needed.  Both of which are perfectly normal and suit each person individually.

Intuition ties into allowing yourself to go with the flow and allowing life to take you in different directions.  

Intuition also ties into your gut feeling.  A gut feeling is when someone can sense that something in their emotional environment feels a certain way or that it should be done in a certain way.  It is about being open to the amazing awareness that our bodies and minds can achieve if we allow them to do so.  By improving our awareness, we can improve our intuition.

I recently read Sophie Amoroso's book - Girl Boss - and was gripped on so many levels.  I loved the way she was so open about how she allowed herself to make huge business decisions based purely on how she was feeling.  Her gut.  Her intuition.  She employed key people within her business, Nasty Girl, who she connected with and had a good feeling about.  An intuition.  Sometimes an immaculate CV or a perfectly planned strategy or business concept is great on paper but reality is not so.  The chemistry, the connection and then the intuition just doesn't always translate.

Intuition is something that we all have in us and some use it more than others.  Below are a few words to get you thinking....

For the month of April, I will be making a conscious decision (and effort!) to look at all my decisions and assess how I make them and really see if they are based on intuition or rationale.   Try and do the same and report back as I would love to hear more from you. 

Also, look out for collaborations, projects and ideas that I've been working on that will be launching or being introduced into the world this month.  For most, I have allowed my intuition (and gut and occasionally rationale!) to let both Kat&Bee and myself go with the flow and see where things and life takes us.

 I hope you have a wonderful April and enjoy what we have in store from
Kat&Bee Jewellery.

All my love

Kat x

/ Because meaning means everything

Kat Barry
Kat Barry


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