About Kat

Hello, my name is Kat and welcome to my online store for Kat&Bee jewellery

Kat&Bee jewellery has developed from a love for skulls, flowers and uniqueness and the desire to create beautiful pieces that give a sense of meaning and love behind each and every one.

Before Kat&Bee was born, I (Kat) had previously worked in media for 13 years at ELLE, Guardian and Observer, Company, Zest and Good Housekeeping learning. My job was to create content (shoots and editorial) that worked with different  brands strategies. I got to work with some amazing brands creating some award winning content from Audi, VW, Universal Film and Music, Swarovski, Pandora, Enjoy England and The Barbican to name a few.  Although I loved my job and the people in it I always knew that it wasn't my real calling and where my heart lay.  

In 2010, the recession had hit hard and so I decided to leave the corporate media world and take the big plunge and go solo.

Most people thought that this was crazy but I chose not to listen and carried on. This is where the journey of Kat&Bee Jewellery began.  I knew very little about jewellery and the world that it is and also had no strategy or plan in place.  And I had no fixed plan as to how I was going to make it happen. All I knew is that I would.  

Almost immediately, I was featured in the Guardian Christmas Gift Guide which was a huge accolade and boost on so many levels. From here, Kat&Bee Jewellery exhibited at London Fashion Weekend, got picked up by ASOS, Opening Ceremony, Henri Bendel , HP France and several other stockists.  The business has been growing ever since.

Also at beginning of the Kat&Bee Jewellery journey, I started to work on Twin Magazine.   Initially I was helping out for the launch event but have been working on it ever since - nearly seven years later!!!  Twin is an independent fashion and art magazine that is my other love.  The team is small and has been the same since it started which is just amazing and we all have such passion and respect for it and each other.   

Below is the a snippet of my Kat&Bee journey.  There has been huge highs and lows.  At times it's been so amazing that I have had to pinch myself and others I have wanted to shut myself away from the world and hibernate.  Running a business encounters the biggest mix of emotions and is such a steep and constant learning curve but the highs and lows do outweigh each other and that is why I (one) continue on this jewellery journey....


End of 2010:  

Glamour Magazine ran a feature on me (Kat!) about new talent to look out for.  The Kat&Bee Jewellery Roxanne red flower ring was featured in the Guardian Gift Guide. Both of these kick started our journey...

2011 - 2013:

Exhibited at London Fashion Weekend for AW and SS seasons 

At LFWE, Kat&Bee Jewellery was picked up by ASOS as a stockist.

2012/13 - 2014:

Kat&Bee Jewellery worked with an agency and exhibited at Paris Fashion Week for AW and SS collections

Started discussions with good friend and talented hair dresser George Northwood about working together on a hair accessories line - so combining his instinctive and innovative understanding of hair with my love for jewellery and design.  This is where the concept of Kat&George Hair Jewellery was born.


Introduced jewellery making workshops held at Kat's East London studio.

Started teaching workshops across the Soho House Group

Kat learning about digital and growing online community with the view to be more personal with our customers.  From this the Membership Club was launched.  Sadly, this is in review as we have not delivered what we have promised on this and will rectify to all those that subscribed.  More news to come on this...


Collaborating with great friend Nicky from Woodhouse TV to create How To Videos for the website and Monthly Jewellery Boxes.

Collaborating with Carrie at The Female Entrepreneur Association to create an exciting range of bracelets.  Launching very soon!!

Appointed a fulfilment centre to help with all the picking and packing.   This has enabled me to travel with the business with the aim of taking a step back to see what is needed to grow gracefully and lovingly.  

More updates to follow....

Lots of love

Kat x